Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ladies Confessions

To The Airport

My hubby and I were asked by our friend to assist her in picking up her cousin at the airport. She brought a car, and my hubby and I brought an owner-type jeep for the luggage. Since it was a long wait and we had nothing to do, I started to play with my hubby’s ear and the next thing I knew I was playing with his nipples. My hubby quickly got a hard-on, so he told me it was his turn to play with me. He slipped his hand in my pants and started playing with my clit. Since we were in an open area, the sensation of getting caught made me hornier. I was trying to keep my moans low so we wouldn’t be noticed. But as our movements got stronger, so did the jeep’s. Luckily we finished the deed without anyone ever knowing. It was an exciting experience! Since then, we’ve started experimenting in other public places.


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